Google has released its latest operating system, Android 10.  If you are an Android user then you might notice that this latest operating system isn't named after a tasty dessert treat, like Oreo or Ice Cream Sandwich.  Google said it was too difficult to come up with a dessert for the letter Q, which would be the next letter in Android name alphabet.  I guess Queijadinha doesn't roll off the tongue like Lollipop, but I digress.

The last Android update was 9 or Pie.  That update was first pushed to Google Pixel phones and everyone else got it weeks or months later.  It will be the same deal with Android 10.  I have a Pixel 2 and downloaded Android 10 last night and at first glance it appears to be just a tweak rather than a total overhaul.  I'm finding little changes every time I use the phone.

Perhaps the biggest news is the new system wide dark mode, an example is shown shown in the right pic.  A new theme option is available in multiple colors.  Live captioning transcribes media in real time.  Permissions have been overhauled and there is an improved share menu.  There is a change in the default font and under the hood tweaks too.

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