32-year-old Grant Gillon of Altoona, Iowa has received his white apron! Gold Derby reports that he prepared "Roasted Corn Agnolotti with Lemon, Butter and Chives" for the judges, and two out of three gave him a yes! Grant is one of five chefs chosen to represent the Midwest on this season of “MasterChef.” Others include Sarah, Charles, Wayne and Kyle.


Will a guy from Iowa take home the hefty $250,000 grand prize on this season of MasterChef? We hope so!

Thanks to a new article from the Des Moines Register, we now know that season 13 of MasterChef will feature an Iowan! Meet Grant Gillon.

Grant Gillon is from Altoona, Iowa and is the director of sales at Kinship Brewing Co. in Waukee. He is one of the cooks representing the Midwest on MasterChef, which has a new theme this season! Fox's website reads:

"MasterChef: United Tastes of America sees Gordon Ramsay, acclaimed chef Aarón Sánchez and renowned restaurateur Joe Bastianich returning for the ultimate cook-off, as the top home cooks from four parts of America (West, Northeast, Midwest and South) battle it out for their region. The home cooks will face a multitude of cooking trials, including a State Fair challenge, a series of iconic Mystery Box challenges, cooking a meal at Dodger Stadium, and the fan-favorite Tag Team event, where they must create a Michelin-star quality three-course meal!"

We didn't see much of Grant during the season 13 premiere of MasterChef, but that's because episode one featured cooks from the Northeast. Wikipedia reports that the Midwest Chefs will compete for white aprons during episode two, which will air next Wednesday, May 31st.

In the meantime, you can check out examples of Grant's cooking on his Instagram account @grant_gillon! He makes all sorts of dishes, including sandwiches, cookies, burgers, fish, pasta, nachos, and more. Not surprisingly, everything looks INCREDIBLE. We'll be rooting for him next week!

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