You've never seen baked goods like this before!

These past few years, there has been a growing trend on social media where talented bakers across the globe attempt to make hyper-realistic creations. You've probably come across at least one video of someone cutting into an everyday object, only to discover that the object is made entirely of cake. If for some reason you haven't, Netflix has you covered. The streaming service is getting ready to debut a new series called "Is It Cake?" and they promise it will be "mind-bending."

Among the nine contestants on the new show is 42-year-old Andrew Fuller, a baker from Des Moines that creates some of the wildest cakes I've ever seen! According to the Des Moines Register, Andrew is the owner of Sugar Freakshow, a baking studio at 3023 S.W. Ninth Street that customizes in "sculpted cakes" with a "realistic aesthetic." Check out some of the incredible creations he's posted on Instagram:

As you can see, Andrew is very much into the creepy and unusual. He told the Des Moines Register:

"I'm a huge horror fan. I like anything spooky or macabre, and I get my inspiration from my favorite directors and movies."

Andrew has actually competed on a couple of other baking competition shows on the Food Network. You may remember him from season four of "Halloween Baking Championship," or the 2020 show "Candy Land." 

Check out the wildly-talented Andrew on Netflix's "Is It Cake?" when it premieres on March 18th. You can take a look at more of his insane creations HERE.

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