Americans love pizza, so much so that we down about 3 billion pizzas each and every year. Overall, the U.S. accounts for about one-third of global pizza consumption whether it be a deep-dish, Thin Crust or hand-tossed! But what is America's favorite pizza joint? Well, it may surprise you!

According to Daily Meal, every year, The Harris Poll surveys American consumers on their favorite brands across a huge spectrum of industries, including household, travel, automotive and entertainment. This year, they surveyed more than 45,000 people about their brand preferences across 87 categories and a surprise winner this year is Marco's Pizza!

Based out of Toledo, Ohio, Marco's first started up in 1978. Now some 40 years later, the franchise has over 800 locations nationwide as well as stores in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. There are two locations in the Sioux Falls area, 5007 S Louise Ave and on the eastside at  3320 S Sycamore Ave.


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