Now we are learning that Amazon is making big moves on going into the shipping business. They are laying the groundwork to go into competition with FedEx and UPS.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Amazon plans for the first time to pick up packages from businesses and ship them to customers.

I feel one of the biggest impacts on the world, is how we do business online. People are finding it much easier to order a new pair of pants from Amazon.

You have to admit that fighting traffic to the retail store, then finding a parking spot is enough of a challenge. Then you have to navigate your way thru the store to find the product.

Now you have to pray that they have your size. To me, it seems everybody is buying my size because they are usually sold out.

Next up, you get to stand in line at the checkout. Then last, but not least, hopefully you will be treated kindly by the cashier.

Now if you don't have a door ding on your vehicle when you get back to the parking lot, it's mission complete.

Now compare that whole time and energy consuming process to just pressing a few buttons on your phone and having someone deliver your item to your front door the next day.

With that story, it's simple to see why consumers are choosing online. But, is it healthy for our economy? I say no. If the business places around us aren't thriving, we will suffer eventually.

I think online should be an alternative way of shopping only. You would use it if you couldn't find what you were seeking locally.

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