I have this inner drive to learn from, listen to, and seek out wisdom from other people.

I have found beautiful stories, and life lessons sprinkled all over this world in books, conferences, people, and some of the best in movies.

All of life's riddles are answered in movies

-Steve Martin

Last year at a retreat it was suggested I should seek out some wisdom from people in my home state of South Dakota.

One some beautiful land, with some beautiful people just outside of St. Francis, I found exactly what I was looking for.

I can't thank the Lakota people enough for all the gifts, and wisdom they shared with me.

When I saw someone post the above trailer this week, for a movie and book I hadn't heard of.

After watching the trailer I fell in love with the story, and I couldn't wait to get to a theater to take in Neither Wolf Nor Dog.

Some of the greatest movies I've seen have been overlooked by movie theaters, and I often have to wait for a DVD release or road trip to enjoy it.

Thankfully Logan Theaters in Mitchell, are delivering the goods and showing Neither Wolf Nor Dog, September 22nd -28th. For showtimes click here.

I also saw on the Neither Wolf Nor Dog Facebook Page, Cinema 8 Theater, in Brookings is also showing the movie. For those showtimes click here.

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