Because of the recent flooding in South Texas, the website CarFax is warning consumers to be on the lookout for cars that may have flood damage.

Unfortunately, flood cars can be made to look like new in just a matter of hours. So that's why CarFax is issuing the warning.

It's estimated that nearly half the cars involved in a flood will ultimately end up being sold on the used car market, even though dealers must disclose that information.

Cars that have been in a flood will usually rot from the inside out, often times effecting the mechanical, electrical and safety systems of the car.

Some signs that a car may have been involved in a flood include:

  • A musty smell
  • Rust on door hinges
  • Upholstery does not match carpet
  • Visible water lines in the engine compartment or trunk
  • Seat belts or inside bolts show damage

For other signs to look for, and how to avoid buying a flood damaged car, here's a link to the CarFax website.

Source: CarFax

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