One of today's hottest trends is effecting millions of people all around the globe! Bad news, because many adults have decided to reconnect with their favorite childhood pasttime, the world may be facing a colored pencil shortage.

Because of the increase of grown-ups purchasing adult coloring books, manufacturers of colored pencils are feeling the pinch and struggling to keep up with the demand of colored pencils and crayons.

Faber-Castell, the world's biggest wooden colored pencil supplier, has been forced to start running more shifts at their factories to try to keep up. Representatives from the company claim to have had a "double-digit" growth period recently. And - just like kids - the adults are not being satisfied with just a box of 12, 24 or 36 coloring options. The demand is pointing to more adults choosing to grab boxes that contain 72 or even 120 different shades.

Adult coloring books have sold over 20 million copies over recent years, but growth in the sales of adult coloring books at book stores and big box stores have increased by about 300 percent in just the past year alone. Because of the sales growth in the books themselves, the trickle down effect is more adults looking for not only more intricate designs to color, but the tools to color with.

Okay, kids! Go ahead and blame the adults who don't want to grow up for this one!

Source: Independent

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