I am loving what the AAC Commissioner is trying to sell as he has seen one of his member institutions overlooked once again by the College Football Playoff Committee.

AAC Commissioner Michael Aresco was a guest on the Paul Finebaum show on Wednesday and claimed the College Football Playoff Committee needed to do some "soul searching".

This comes on the heels of 8-0 Cincinnati moving back in the rankings after they were off last week due to a cancelation with Tulsa, while Iowa State at 8-2 moved up after being idle as well.

Cincinnati will get their chance against Tulsa in the AAC Conference Championship game this weekend, but the damage may already be done with their current spot at No. 8.

Aresco went on to say he thinks it may be time to go back to the old BCS system in order to determine the teams, "I never thought I'd say it, but if this continues, bring back the BCS and the computers because it would be a fairer system than what I'm seeing now. This is the seventh year and it does appear the deck is stacked against us and against others."

I have long been an advocate of the old BCS system because I trust computers more than I trust humans and I am glad to see folks in power are taking note.

Personally, I would still like to see just the two teams as we got in the BCS era but the likely scenario if they ever did go back to the BCS model, would be an expanded playoff to six or eight teams.

With eight teams and the computers doing the majority of the computing, it would in theory pave the way for more non Power 5 schools making it to the year-end tournament.

Chaos could occur this weekend and Cincinnati may get extremely lucky and land in the top four but it sure seems like the cards have been stacked against them all year.

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