Doug Wolfgang is one of the most famous names in auto racing. Doug is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and used to be one of the world's top sprint car drivers.

He has been retired from driving for a number of years. But he has been professionally building race cars for a living.

His son, Robby, has been driving sprint cars for seven years. Due to age, he doesn't remember ever seeing his dad race because Doug retired when Robby was an infant.

But Robby has a lot of his father's driving style as you watch him on the track. Robby has a number of victories.

The most memorable win came in 2008 at Huset's Speedway. It was his first ever win, and it happened on the same night his dad was inducted into the Huset's Speedway Hall of Fame.

Robby has been racing in a new 305 class. I talked with him about it. He said, "It's a great class for racing."

When I did this interview with him, he was preparing for driving two different cars in two different classes on the same night. I asked him what is was like to attempt doing this double duty. Robby said, "It's not so much a physical issue, but it's a mental thing."

We picked a good day to talk with Robby, because later in the night he won the race in the 305 class.