Thursday morning in the KSOO Main Street Cafe Beth and I, by pure accident, may have stumbled across a solution to getting the State Theater up and running.

The idea came to us as we were discussing how Bruce Willis and Demi Moore recently donated a theater they owned back to the city of Hailey, Idaho. They purchased the former movie house in 1995 when they were still married with the idea of converting it into a live performance space - which it now is.

That, in turn, got us thinking about all the famous people who grew up in this area and how maybe they would be willing to help get the State Theater finally up and running.

January Jones, Mary Hart, David Soul, Pat O'Brien, Tom Brokaw - just to name a few. Just think if we could somehow convince each one to help out by writing a small check.

Maybe they've already explored the idea, but if not, perhaps this is something the State Theater folks should consider doing; it can't hurt to ask. The worse they can say is "No."

I'm no marketing genius, but I would start out by bringing up all the fond memories they have growing up in Sioux Falls that perhaps involved the old State Theater.

We're to the point now where it's time to "fish or cut bait." That building has stood empty way too long. It has reached the point of being a joke. Either finish it so it can be used as a movie house, or sell it to someone in the private sector so it can be used for whatever purpose.

If by slim chance someone on the State Theater board is reading this, consider giving the celebrity fundraising idea some thought. It may just work.

All we ask is at the grand re-opening you put a little something in the program thanking Chad & Beth for coming up with the idea.

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