Everyone knows what a personal chauffeur is.  But did you know there was a personal chauffeur available for dogs right here in Sioux Falls?  Me neither!

Cari Heupel is the woman known as the "Canine Chauffeur.” Cari has really become a "one-woman pet shuttle service." Our friends at Pigeon605 are reporting that Cari started this business approximately two years ago.  Cari has a background in child care, and she truly has a strong passion for caretaking. She combined her two loves, her love of pets and helping others and created "Your Dogs Driver."

Throughout the Sioux Falls area, Cari has assisted pet owners by transporting their four-legged friends around town.  “I tell people it’s the best job in the world,” says Cari to Pigeon605. “I get to play with dogs pretty much all day.”  Cari's business does get pretty busy. So on Cari's busiest days, she drives around in her "Pup Truk" vehicle!

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Pigeon605 (with permission)
Pigeon605 (with permission)

Making an appointment for Cari to pick up your furry friend is actually really simple!  You can easily schedule an appointment with Cari by phone, email or via her Facebook and Instagram pages. Most of her appointments consist of driving pets to the veterinarian or the groomer.

If you check out the story on Pigeon605, you'll have a chance to read more about Cari's incredible story, and how she really cares about people and pets.  She has huge goals for the future including hopes of expanding "Your Dogs Driver."

Did you know you can receive stories more like this from Pigeon605 before everyone else?  Seriously, it's that easy. You can adopt a "pigeon" through Pigeon605, and the pigeon delivers the news that matters to you.  Learn more here.

Source: Pigeon 605

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