Watches aren't just for telling time anymore.  They have the ability to do just about everything.  From back in the 80's when it was cool to have a watch with a calculator on it, to watches of today that are actually little cell phones.

But now there is a new watch called The Tikker, which allows the wearer to count down the years, months, minutes and seconds they have until they die.  Of course there is no SURE way to determine when a person's 'time is up', so the main point of this watch is to remind people to make the most out of the time they have left. And according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average life span of Americans is 78.

Of course there are many who have concerns about this watch.  Questions for the makers of The Tikker have included, 'What happens if a person dies suddenly?',  'Is it like the Mayan calendar?' and ' Does it start over if you don't die on time or send an e-mail asking someone to put you out of your misery?'

Whatever questions people have, makers of The Tikker simply want people to just live the life they have to the fullest and use their time wisely.  And speaking of time...YES, this watch also has the nifty feature of keeping normal time.



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