I think my favorite Sioux Falls video is the one where a Sioux Falls cop has a 'joke-off' with a Sioux Firefighter. But this saucer sledding one is really cool too.

It doesn't matter how old you are when you park your tuckus on a Flexible Flyer Metal Snow Saucer for a trip down an icy hill, you are a kid again.

The SFPD posted a video on their Twitter page saying, “The other night a few of our officers had the opportunity to sled with some teens in our community. You'll have to watch the video to see who won!”

We have such an amazing law enforcement community here in Sioux Falls. They not only protect and serve they engage the community with heart and humor.

One of my all-time favorite funny videos that the SFPD has posted was the one titled “Sioux Falls Cops vs. Firefighters Joke Off “! It is freaking funny!

Back in July of 2018 Captain Nick Luther of the Sioux Falls Fire Department and Officer John Ester of the Sioux Fall Police Department had a 'Bad Dad Jokes' face-off. What a great idea!

They stood apart from each other and delivered one bad dad joke after another. The deal was if one made the other laugh by telling his joke the one that told the joke got a point.

I won't tell you who won. You'll have to watch the video. But it's worth it!

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