It was a record-breaking snowfall in Sioux Falls and most of South Dakota. According to the National Weather Service, Winner had 22 inches of snow. Huron piled up 16 inches. Mitchell and Lake Andes were plowing through 15 inches of snow. Here in Sioux Falls, the official total is 13.7 inches of snow... in APRIL!

I watched it all from the comfort of my couch. I saw several vehicles get stuck in my apartment parking lot. I saw many back up and turn around because the drift was too big at the end of the drive way to get onto the street. I saw people fall down in big snowdrifts. Why were these people out and about anyway? I saw my neighbor come home with a six-pack of Blue Moon. I suppose that was more important than being safe inside.

My friend, James, posted a video on his Facebook page of the snowstorm. He did a GoPro time-lapse video and it is so amazing! You can see how strong the wind was at times and you can see the snow pile up.

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