It wasn't that long ago when almost everyone was going crazy trying to find hand sanitizer, Lysol, bleach, disinfectant wipes, and even basic hand soap.

Early on in this health crisis, we were told that to 'flatten the curve' we absolutely had to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds to remove any traces of the bug, hence the soap and cleaner shortage. Oh, and whatever you do, do not touch your face!!

The government's top doctor said at the time that masks weren't found to be effective in stopping the spread and we were told to stop buying them. Just keep on cleaning your hands until they are raw, then clean them some more.

Today it seems that all we need to do is wear a thin cloth mask and stand 6 feet apart and we're good to go. So much for the 100 bottles of Softsoap under the sink. I even stepped up and bought the Aquarium Series bottles, I like the clownfish the best.

I find restaurants interesting when it comes to how cleaning is handled in public places. A staff member disinfects the menu after I order my bacon double cheeseburger and that's good. However, while sitting in the booth for 45 minutes eating that burger, I never see anyone clean the handle or glass on the front door after 25 people have touched them.

Imagine my surprise when I heard that there is a newly approved cleaner that can kill coronavirus on frequently used surfaces. I can't help but be skeptical considering how many times the narrative has changed on how we are to protect ourselves from COVID, including how we are to be disinfecting.

The Environmental Protection Agency has officially approved Pine-Sol’s original cleaner as a COVID killer on hard surfaces, according to Dakota News Now. The Clorox Company, which owns the Pine-Sol brand, said independent tests show that Pine-Sol can kill the virus within 10 minutes of being used on nonporous, hard surfaces.

Now you can kill COVID and your kitchen will smell like the Black Hills on a cool Autumn morning. Just breathe in that fake pine smell, through your thin cloth mask of course.

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