If you have seen electric scoreboards, programmable display systems, and large-screen video displays in South Dakota, chances are Daktronics created them. Now, this once small-scale business from Brookings has extended its presence far beyond the state.

South Dakotans could not be more proud of a homegrown company like Daktronics. This business alone is literally lighting up the world, and people are taking notice.

United States Senator John Thune (R- South Dakota) even shared a recent article from Advertising Week 360 praising the South Dakota business.  In fact, there are some facts about Daktronics in the story that I didn’t even realize. For example, did you know Daktronics was able to take center stage during the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh?

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Prince Philip's death announcement appeared on a sign in London. Daktronics was behind this project.  Advertising Week 360 explains in the article that the Duke of Edinburgh's "smiling (memorial) visage appeared on the iconic high-tech sign in London’s Piccadilly Circus. This high-contrast screen was recently modernized by Daktronics, based in Brookings, SD (population 24,108 in 2019). The rebuilt Piccadilly sign went live in 2017."  Lighting up the national stage is a huge accomplishment in and of itself, however it is becoming abundantly evident Daktronics is truly shining as a leader in the digital display industry around the world!

Daktronics alone lights up 18 of the 30 NFL stadiums in the country as well as numerous venues for major league baseball, hockey, and basketball teams.  Daktronics was even responsible for the screens during the 2021 Super Bowl.  Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Flordia is one of the 18 homes showcasing  Daktronics products.

It just goes to show that South Dakota businesses can go the distance!

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