If you are visiting Sioux Falls and trying to find your way around chances are you really don't need to pronounce street names correctly. All you have to do is enter your destination into Google Maps and your phone will show you the way.

But what if you are trying to tell someone where your cool friend or family member lives in our fine city? Some of our Streets and Avenues have tricky spellings that may throw visitors for a loop when trying to sound them out.

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No one is going to mess up on the big thoroughfares like Minnesota Avenue, Western Avenue, or Louise Avenue but what about these? Here are “9 Sioux Falls Streets Visitors Have A Hard Time Pronouncing”:

  • Amidon Street: Ah – Meh - Don
  • Otanka Trail: Oh-Ta-Kah
  • Amedou Court: Ah – me – doe
  • Penstemon Ave: Pen – Stee – Mon
  • Euclid Ave: U – Ka – Lid
  • Lenster Ave.: Len – Stir
  • Lupine Place: Loo – Pin
  • Sneve Ave.: Snee-Vee
  • Schweigers Circle: Shwhy – Gurs

These are just a few of the streets that may be harder to sound out. What road names in and around Sioux Falls are missing from the list?

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