The country music world was not shocked when Ronnie Milsap topped the country music singles chart in 1982 with 'He Got You'. It did not surprise anyone.

After all, he had nineteen number one singles before 'He Got You'. And he'd have twenty more after this great hit.

By 1982 I was already a huge Ronnie Milsap fan. From the first time I heard him do a song called 'I Hate You' (yes, unusual title but a great song!) in 1973, I was hooked. By the time he had his first number one smash 'Pure Love' in 1974 (written by the late great Eddie Rabbit) I was 'all in' for Mr. Milsap.

Hit after hit after hit followed and things couldn't get any better. And then they did.

It was the late 1970's and I was working at KKAA radio in Aberdeen. I was putting together a Ronnie Milsap radio special to air on our station and just as a lark i decided to call Ronnie's people (I had no people) and see if he'd do a phone interview for the show I was going to tape.

Why yes, yes of course they said.

So there I was in northeast South Dakota and the biggest star in the country music world answered the phone when I called and we spent a half hour chatting (more of a visit than an interview...I love when that happens). And that was how I found out that music superstar Ronnie Milsap was one of the nicest people I had ever talked with. Not just in music, in life.

So yeah, I became an even bigger fan.

'He Got You' was the second single off Ronnie's Inside album and went right to the top of the country music chart. But like so many of Ronnie's hits, the appeal went well beyond country, becoming a major hit on the Adult Contemporary chart (think artists like the Carpenters, James Taylor, Elton John) and made a dent in the Pop/Rock chart as well.

By the way the song, back there in 1982, that it replaced atop the country singles chart was a little ditty by someone named Dolly...a song called 'I Will Always Love You'.

At 75 years young Ronnie is still making great music and still hits the road as well. So if you ever get the chance to see the legendary Hall of Famer Ronnie Milsap, don't miss it!

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