Winter is far from being over but it's never too late to put these eight things in the trunk of your car for winter traveling emergencies.  Thanks to State Farm Insurance for reminding everyone to take the extra junk out of your trunk to add some things that could save your life in a weather emergency.

The fine folks at State Farm and KRC Research asked 1,000 random drivers across the United States if they had these eight things needed for winter weather emergencies in the trunks of their automobiles.  96 percent of the 1,000 drivers asked said that they do have at least one of the items in their trunk, but only five percent of the 1,000 had all eight items.

State Farm says to take the extra junk out of your trunk, and put these eight items in.


  • 1

    Jumper Cables

    Jumper cables are one of first things many parents purchase for their kids when they get their first car.  A person might NEVER have to use these...but they are a definite must-have in the trunk of your car.  More importantly....know how to use them! 

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  • 2

    Spare Tire

    It would be a good idea to periodically check the spare tire and make sure it's properly inflated.

  • 3

    Road Flares/Hazard Triangle

    Road flares and hazard triangles are often used to warn motorists of emergency situations on the roadways, but they are also very important to have in the trunk of your car.  Neither use batteries and can usually be purchased at your favorite automotive stores.  On the same page of road flares or hazard triangles, a motorists could add brightly colored distress signs or a "Help" or "Call Police" flag.

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    Road Flares don't use batteries, but flashlights DO!  So make sure you test that flashlight to see if those batteries are still good.  A person should do this twice a year.

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  • 5

    First Aid Kit

    Band-aids are probably not going to go "bad", but checking the first aid kit to make sure the supplies are all current should be on a to-do list.

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  • 6


    Plenty of fresh water is a good thing to have.  You might also want to include some high-calorie, non-perishable food items.

  • 7


    Blankets are no-brainers.  Winter is pack something that is going to keep you warm.  You could also pack some extra warm clothing.

  • 8

    Extra Cell Phone Charger

    Communication capability can be the number one lifeline in some roadside emergency cases, but make sure your cell phone charger is compatible with a USB port in your car.  And make sure you are able to describe your location as clearly as possible to an emergency worker.