Pull up a bar stool and let's look at the evolution of the beloved beer can opening system. When Olympia, Pabst, Old Style, & Hamm's were all the rage in beer world, pull tabs provided access for the golden goodness inside the steel can.

Then, around 1980, the The stay-tab opening mechanism graced the top of aluminum  cans. And we've been cool with that for over 3 decades, haven't we? I guess so.

Now, here comes the Sly Fox brewery changing the game. The Pennsylvania brewery's Facebook page announced the release of the newest innovation in beer can technology: The 360 Lid. The picture above pretty much explains it all.

According to Draft Magazine, instead of cracking open a tiny hole on the top of the can, the 360 Lid let’s you completely remove the top, creating a kind of aluminum beer cup.

New stay-cold bottles, color changing temperature cans, different appealing shapes, sizes, and designs are a part of the beer buyers decision.

Just one question in the new design: didn't we move to the stay-tab partially because of littering concerns? Unless we're committed to putting the removable lid back into the can like my dad used to do with his Coors Original Banquet beer, then let's roll with it.

Source: Draft magazine