On the morning of April 9, 2013, Sioux Falls woke up to a beautiful but terrible post-apocalyptic Christmas card. Heavy rains and an arctic blast created a nightmare for many. Everything was encased in thick ice resulting in snapped tree branches and our streets looked like a crystal cathedral.

The next day we were dealing with the aftermath of the heavy hand of nature. Power lines were strained from the weight and linemen were working long hours without sleep in an effort to restore power. It was estimated that 32,000 Xcel Energy customers were without power and the neighborhoods were filled with the hum of generators.

Then-Mayor Mike Huether declared a state of emergency for the city and for the next few weeks there was a constant parade of dump trucks hauling the broken remains of trees and structures to designated drop-off sites.

Yet, Sioux Falls rebounded stronger than before.

Seven years later, we're facing another challenge in the form of a COVID-19 pandemic. Although life is anything but normal right now, we are reminded of the fighting spirit of our city.

We thank you, healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters, restaurant workers, nurses, pharmacy workers, sanitation workers, truck drivers, postal workers, delivery drivers, and the many others on the front line. #OneSiouxFalls

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