I was lucky enough to grow up in a rural setting and I can remember eating lots of interesting foods that, given a choice, I wouldn't poke with a stick today.  Did you ever eat any of these?

7 Horrible Foods South Dakota Used To Eat

Head Cheese: This ain't cheesy at all. No dairy. Just meaty parts from pig or cow heads that are boiled together in a gelatinous concoction and formed into loaves for your dining pleasure. Oh, sometimes they'd toss in the animal's tongues, hearts, and feet.

Braunschweiger: A soft, spreadable, tubed, pork product. Word is it's a combination of pork innards with a touch of bacon, but I've never met anyone who's actually seen it made.

Lime Jello Tuna Salad: Yep, you got all yer food groups here mixed in one awful dish. Lime jello, canned tuna, hard-boiled eggs, dill pickles, & celery.

Scotch Eggs: You basically roll up hard-boiled eggs inside a mystery meat with a shot of scotch and deep fry or bake it up. To save time, this is best served close to your local heart hospital.

Scrapple: A mush of pork scraps and meat trimmings combined with cornmeal and spices. You form that puppy up into a loaf and pan fry it in grease. It's not supposed to be made with a puppy, but how would you know the difference?

Lutefisk: Whitefish that is salted, dried, and soaked in lye for days only to then be reconstituted into a sloppy, gelatinous, fish pudding that you douse with butter to somehow choke it down.

Rocky Mountain Oysters: Bulls testicles sliced and fried. What more do you need to know?

What food should be added to this list?

Iowa Palmer Company's Twin Bing Products

Can you even really claim to live in this part of the country if you've never had a Twin Bing?


"It consists of two round, chewy, cherry-flavored nougats coated with a mixture of chopped peanuts and chocolate. The Twin Bing was introduced in the 1960s," -Wikipedia

Not only has the TB been a staple of the Sioux Empire for over half a decade, but the makers of the classic candy have also infused the unique cherry and chocolate flavor into lots of other things.

Do You Remember These 10 Crazy Snowstorms In South Dakota?

Here's some news that some South Dakotans prefer not to hear this time of year. Winter is coming. In denial? The dropping temperatures and early snowstorms out west by Deadwood speak for themselves.

Slowly but surely, people of the Sioux Empire are bracing for colder weather and snow-covered roads. Even though snow will soon be gracing the Sioux Empire with its presence, some snow showers will not compare to these ten dreadful snowstorms that hit South Dakota.

Only In Your State highlights these ten snowstorms in South Dakota as a reminder for people to always be aware of the roads during the winter. These South Dakotan winters can be harsh, which is why it is always a good idea to plan ahead and prepare for the worst.

Do you remember any major snowstorms that hit South Dakota?

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