The issue of kids and guns is front and center once again.

Christopher Duffy incited a firestorm after he recently snapped a photo of his six-month-old daughter holding a rifle while they were at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post in Woodbridge, Connecticut. The photo appeared on the store's Facebook page, but has since been removed.

"The little one actually latched onto it when I first picked it up to see how heavy it was," Duffy said. "It’s actually very light, to test the weight, so I just decided to take the picture."

As for the controversy that's erupted, Duffy says he doesn't understand:

Other people being upset about it? I don’t force their kids to do anything. I don’t force them to do anything. My hand was on it, the bolt was open, it was safety checked. I’m not sure how wide the picture is. She’s clearly in her seat just sitting up, one hand on the scope, one hand on the barrel.”

Still, it's a photo that's not sitting well with a lot of people. One person said, “After everything that happened in Connecticut with Sandy Hook and everything that’s going on with the gun laws, why would you have your baby holding a gun…a big gun?”

Still, another person sides with Duffy, arguing, "“It’s nothing, I don’t know why that would bother people to be honest with you."