52 years ago this weekend, Sioux Falls received the earliest recorded snowfall. We have to go back to October 8 - 9, 1970. Most folks in the area weren't ready for snow but it came into Sioux Falls to the tune of 5.1".

According to the National Weather Service (NWS) the earliest significant snowfall since records began in 1893 was 5.1 inches on October 8-9, 1970. Keep in mind there is a difference between measurable and significant when it comes to weather terms. The 1970 event was the earliest significant snowfall - but September has seen measurable events in Sioux Falls, too.

The month of September has seen measurable snowfall in the years 1939, 1985, and 2020. Interestingly, Tripp County in south-central South Dakota saw a whopping 18" of snow on September 28, 1985!

The Ariens 5hp snowblower was popular in 1970. She wasn't pretty but it got the job done. Despite it's early arrival, the snow was not the main topic in Sioux Falls that weekend 52 years ago. We were fascinated by the news of the first 747 Boeing airplane taking off, the Beatles breaking up, and the Vietnam War was raging in Cambodia.

This weekend in good 'ol 2022 looks much better if your not ready to see snow yet. Highs in the 60s with mostly sunny skies are in the forecast.

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