I know you can't fix stupid. I know that no matter how I try to explain to people who are grown the responsibility that comes with dogs it won't change a thing. This is more me venting and relating to a large group of people who are annoyed by people who shouldn't have dogs.

I think some adults are missing the advice parents often give to kids trying to pick up another pet: you know they are a lot of responsibility

I don't know why some people choose to own dogs when they don't seem to care to put the time or thought into them. When you live in a town that seems to have as many dogs as kids, it becomes obvious some of these people should not have dogs.

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Backyard Babysitters and Oblivious Barkaholics: The annoyance of having dogs barking obviously doesn't bother the oblivious owners. I don't know if they have thicker walls or what the deal is with them that the barking doesn't bother them. It drives me nuts trying to relax in my house as the dogs keep a tireless rhythm of barking. Maybe let your dog inside, or maybe your not cut out to own a dog.

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Breed Oblivious: Certain breeds are not for everyone. Just like you should do a little research on a car to see if it fits your lifestyle you should do some research on the breed of dogs before you commit. It will make your life and the dog's life a lot more enjoyable.

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Puppy-Lovers: Dogs aren't your thing if you are a family that loves puppies and find yourself getting rid of the dogs as they get older. It really is a cruel thing to do to a dog that is looking to bond with a family.

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Leash-Less Walkers: I don't care how trained you think your dog is. It's not your call to run with your dog as your dog runs without a leash. Move into the country if you like to let your dog run free.

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Front Yard Freaks: This is the main motivation behind writing this today. After taking 3 walks on the weekend with my daughter and my dog I had enough of this type of dog owner. On 2 out of 3 of those walks, I had to kick at and yell at dogs flying out of peoples front yards. Once it was two dogs running out of a garage and right up to us barking aggressively at us. The other time it was one solo dog. If your dog is not socialized, it should not be roaming free in your front yard. If you can't figure this out you shouldn't own a dog. Also, it may look cute with your kid wanting to take their dog on the leash, but not a good scenario if they can't control the dog. The 3rd dog that came after us pulled away from the little girl walking the dog by herself. Just because you want a dog doesn't mean you should have a dog.