We're heading into another cold snap here in South Dakota, and if you're leaving your vehicle outside for long stretches at a time, be mindful of what you're leaving inside.

During the last stretch of below zero temps, I, unfortunately, left behind a few bananas in my car before calling it a night. The next morning, I woke to find a couple of frozen, brown, inedible things that even a starving raccoon wouldn't touch.

That being said, there are plenty of worse things you could leave in your car when the temperature plummets. A recent article lists the 5 items you should never leave in a freezing South Dakota vehicle, and once you read it, it makes a lot of sense.

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According to Boston 25 News, here are 5 things you should avoid leaving in your car at all costs:

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Medication: Who knew, right? Apparently, extreme cold temps can minimize the effectiveness of many meds.

Cool beer bottles.
Valentyn Volkov

Beer: Because of its ingredients, beer tends to expand when it freezes, and that's not good. Don't be surprised if you find frozen brew in your vehicle the next day if you're unfortunate enough to leave it in there overnight.

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Cellphones: This one should be obvious. Once temps fall below freezing, smartphones tend to operate at a slow pace. But if left in below zero temps for hours on end, you could be looking at causing irreparable damage to your phone.


Canned Food: Just like beer, or soda for that matter, canned food can expand, explode, and leave a giant, frozen mess in your vehicle.

Christine Manika (TSM)
Christine Manika (TSM)

Musical Instruments: Instruments left in a frozen car can get out of tune quickly and may even need to be replaced entirely.

To read the full article and read their explanations for each item, click here.

Story Source: Boston 25 News


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