I didn't grow up with a dog. I barely remember one we had when I was about 3-years-old living on a farm north of Beresford. I don't recall the dog's name but I recall he was hit by a car one day and I never saw him again.

When we moved to town a year later we never again had a dog, just cats. First was Snoopy. He was cool but also got hit by a car. Then came Snuffy. He was not cool. He was an a-hole. We got rid of him.

Then in 1984 we got Gizmo. He was playful, friendly, a top notch predator, and extremely territorial of our yard. He ate tons of birds and rabbits and drug every one of them into our yard to show us what a good hunter he was. A few small to medium-sized dogs left some blood and fur on our grass.

It's just how I grew up. I'm sure if I had a dog growing up I would love dogs more than cats. But in my experience with my friends' and relatives' dogs I'm not sure that is the only reason I'm a cat guy. I don't dislike dogs, though.

Here are five reasons I think cats are superior pets compared to dogs.

1. Cats don't need or want constant attention

Now and then cats want some attention, some more often than others. But I have never been around a dog that wasn't constantly trying to get attention from their owner or anyone in the room. The cat I had in college only wanted my attention when he was hungry, wanted outside, or had been home alone for more than two days.

2. Cats don't have to be walked

It may be International Cat Day here on August 8, but in five months the last thing you'll want to do is go outside. You can let dogs out in the yard to relieve themselves, but you still have to burn energy out of them. Cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day. They never have the energy of a pent up toddler that must be run to make them less annoying.

3. Cats are self-sufficient

The cat I had in college, Squeak, was a pretty normal pet cat. He slept mostly, he played with me for about 10 minutes a week, he ate, and that was about it. I would go home for three or four-day weekends and as long as I left him with plenty of food and water, usually just make sure the toilet seat was left up, he was just fine. He was lonely and wouldn't leave my side for an hour when I got home, but he didn't destroy the house and I didn't need to pay for a kennel or bring him with me. After that hour he went back to ignoring me.

4. Cats are quiet

Have you ever called the cops on a neighbor with a noisy cat? Ever had to let the cat out while you were on the phone because it was so noisy you couldn't hear the person you're talking to? No.

5. Cats generally less annoying to guests

Ever been to someone's house and had their dog shove their nose in your crotch or up your butt? Been jumped on? Every day I picked up my kids at daycare, I had to hold my arms up high because their black lab would attempt to like the skin off my hands. Their cat never bothered me ever. He would just occasionally walk by and might stick around long enough to let me pet him.

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