I'll never forget the first time I found out hotels don't wash the comforter after every use. I was absolutely disgusted!  

Do you know what some people do when they go to a hotel? Do you realize they don't wait to get under the sheets to do it?

I can't even sit on a hotel comforter. The first thing I do when I get to a hotel is take off the comforter. The second thing I do is check for bed bugs. Don't even get me started on the pillows, blankets and mattress pads! This is really why I don't travel that much.

After you read this, you'll be packing antibacterial wipes along with your toothbrush.

A website called The Active Times recently did a study and found the 10 germiest items in a hotel. Think about it, does the housecleaning staff really have the time to clean every surface in a room?

Here's a list of five of the germiest items in your hotel room:

  1. Remote Control: According to their study, the remote control may have as much bacteria as a toilet seat.
  2. The Bathroom Counter: It's in the bathroom! Who knows what people had on that counter and if the staff just does a quick wipe down, they didn't kill all the germs.
  3. The Ice Bucket: I remember a friend of mine puking in the ice bucket. After that, I never used the ice bucket, even with the plastic liner. The staff doesn't put it through a dishwasher, they wipe it off with their cleansing products...maybe.
  4. Light Switches: The main light switch and the bedside lamp switch are the two most touches light switches. Do you really think the cleaning staff wipes off light switches?
  5. Coffee Pot: This one is very disturbing. According to this study, they cited an ABC News Investigation that caught a housekeeper on camera using a dirty towel she had used on the bathroom floor to wipe off the coffee pot.

To see the other five things you should avoid touching in a hotel room, click here.

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