It's been a few years since the temp topped 50 degrees in January here in Sioux Falls.

According to the National Weather Service of Sioux Falls, we reached 52 on January 19, 2018.

Today could bring another record as the temperatures are expected to be in the lower 50's.

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On that note, why not take advantage of this nice day and get a few outside chores done? You know, the chores that fall in your procrastination category this time of year.

Bob Ricca/Unsplash
Bob Ricca/Unsplash

Takedown your Christmas lights - Getting up on a ladder outside in January is not for everyone. However, when the weather is as nice as this take advantage of it.

Satisfied with work done

Wash the windows - Hey, as long as you have the ladder out. . . ., "she said."

Poop emoji isolated on white background, poo emoticon 3d rendering

Pick up poop - Why should the kids get to do all the dirty work. This may be the number one neglected chore of every pet owner.

basement garage with high water flooded

Sweep out the garage - This winter in Sioux Falls so far has been an easy one. But the garage floor still may have some street salt residue and sand. Sweep out the garage and give it a good scrub.

Isaac Smith/Unsplash
Isaac Smith/Unsplash

Build a raised garden bed - It's not like you're going to dig in the dirt that's frozen right now. Pull out your tape measure, circular saw, cordless drill, and screws. Why wait when the ground is soggy and mud?


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