If you travel 41st street in Sioux Falls, especially on weekends, you know that traffic can get pretty backed up. Good news for Sioux Falls commuters and shoppers, the expansion of 49th Street headed EAST is underway.

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Construction crews are busy now, preparing the roadbed for development from 49th and Western to West Avenue. (Yes, Sioux Falls has a Western and West Avenue and many people like me have to slow down and think where it is I'm talking about.)

The project is slated to take about two years and workers are working on the construction bed as we write this. Since a portion of the project involves the road going over an old rubble site crews are working to reclaim and repurpose some of the concrete where it will be used on the new road.

The new portion of 49th Street will include 4 lanes, complete with a center turn lane and bike lanes for bikers as well. This is good news for Sioux Falls commuters as it should help alleviate some of the east-west pressure for residents and shoppers visiting our city alike.

Check out the video on the Sioux Falls Facebook page for more details.

The project will then extend from West to Grange in 2022 and 2023.

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