If you've been hurting for a fix of Chicken Bacon Ranch, a Bronco, or a Stampede, you can get it again on the west side of Sioux Falls.

After more than a of year cleaning up and fixing up, the 41st Street Pizza Ranch is once again open for business, opening its doors this morning at 10:00 am.

Pizza Ranch, along with every other business in the 41 Plaza, was severely damaged in the tornadoes that hit Sioux Falls back on September 10, 2019.

“It has been a long road, but we’re going to reopen with a bigger, better Pizza Ranch,” Pizza Ranch Co-Owner Michael Pharis said. “We’re really excited to show it to everybody.”

With the damaging came opportunity. The restaurant decided to make some upgrades in addition to the repairs. There is a new layout to the interior, equipment was upgraded, and they also added more party rooms for guests to have birthday parties and the like. The arcade was also redone.

The 41st Street Pizza Ranch, which is the busiest location in the nation, also has pandemic safety well in mind. Sanitizing stations, a new filtration system, and gloves are available for diners to use and minimize the risk of spread.

The best part about the reopening is that I won't have to see the dejected look on my kids' faces when they want to go hit the buffet (but mostly the arcade to win tickets and prizes).

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