First off, don't get me wrong. Sioux Falls is a wonderful place to live. It's a shining oasis of progress and prosperity in the Midwest, and we are very lucky to live here.

But, there are some things that can get under the skin of any Queen City resident.

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  • Kjsmith47/Getty Images
    Kjsmith47/Getty Images

    Simple Geography

    Mount Rushmore is not here.

    We do not live near it.

    We do not visit it all the time (because we do not live near it).

    You can only politely say "No, that's on the other side of the state," so many times before you're ready to smack someone with a geography textbook.

    The same goes for Deadwood and Sturgis. Great places, just not near here.


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  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Sioux City Confusion

    As far as cities with 'City' in their name go, Sioux City must be one of the most famous in the world.

    Up there with New York City, Mexico City, and Boise City, OK.

    It has to be, that's the only way to explain why every time you talk to someone out of state they confuse SF and SC.

    Everybody on the other end of the phone knows about The City, no one seems to know about The Falls.


  • Google Streetview
    Google Streetview

    Cliff Avenue is not the Eastern City Limits

    As an Eastsider for going on 10 years, I've heard this more often than is realistic: "Wow there's so much over here."

    Yeah, the roads are paved and everything. There's even running water, houses, and schools. Schools that were built in the 50s and 60s.

    It seems hard for some to grasp that there's more to Sioux Falls than just lofts, hipster eateries, and one-way streets.

  • City of Sioux Falls Population Sign - Jeff Thurn Results Radio Townsquare Media
    City of Sioux Falls Population Sign - Jeff Thurn Results Radio Townsquare Media

    Complaining About Locking Your Door

    "Oh man, I remember when you didn't have to lock your doors, what's this town coming to?"

    I don't know what mythical time people are referring to. I know of no time when you wouldn't want to make sure your multi-thousand dollar piece of property was secure.

    Cars and houses have keys for a reason. If it's just too much trouble to take that key out of the ignition and put it in your pocket, maybe you need to reexamine your commitment to skinny jeans.

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