The cost of homeownership is expensive. Property taxes and maintenance of the home are just some of the expenses associated with owning a house.

For some individuals, these costs are a bit overwhelming financially and they have been the decision to 'go tiny.'

I have also thought about going smaller for my living space and originally found out about Nestron's tiny house through Business Insider HERE.

Now the tiny house movement isn't anything really new but a smaller house with AI technology is thanks to Nestron.

Nestron has developed four main houses for people to choose from ranging in prices starting from $21,500 to $68,060.

The home pictured above starts at $21,500 and is known as 'Legend One' and has the following dimensions:5200mm length × 3000mm width × 2800mm height.

All four of Nestron's different models offer a voice control system, electricity system, a 15-year warranty, and complete piping.

Along with these options customers can choose from: fully furnished or just the home's shell, a choice of solar panels, some cosmetic color changes if you wish, and an electric floor heating system.

Each home also has " built-in AI assistants and green-energy sources."

With these prices, homeownership looks a lot more attractive to younger couples just starting out in life or for those who are getting close to retirement and are looking to downsize.

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