Things were calm in Sioux Falls in 1972. Life was normal, regular if you will.

There was something a little more than 70,000 folks that called Sioux Falls home in 1972. Life was rolling along pretty well back then.

And then something happened. The calendar changed, flipped, and it became 1973.

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A lot of things took on a different look in 1973, and not just in Sioux Falls, but all around the state of South Dakota and all around the country. And a whole bunch of that "change" was because of what happened half-way around the world.

Four letters changed life in Sioux Falls, in South Dakota. Those four letters were O-P-E-C. They stood for "Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries". Without getting into all the details, suffice to say exports were cut off and life here (and elsewhere) was different. How? Well six of the ways were:

So, in 1973 while we saw the tennis "Battle of The Sexes", the resignation of a United States Vice President, and the opening of New York's World Trade Center, we also went through some pretty radical life changes right here in Sioux Falls, Brandon, Tea, and Hartford.

Ahhh, isn't it nice things are back to normal?


They are back to normal, right?

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