This past week my wife decided that we were going to try to sell some of the things we didn't use anymore.  At a rummage sale.  Not our rummage sale, but at one going on across the street at a neighbors house.

I thought it was a good idea.  We could broaden the selection at our neighbors sale and get rid of some stuff! So we went ahead.

Long story short, my wife made $128 just for taking a couple of items over to the sale. We head out of town for the weekend and leave our son Tad at home.  We send Tad over to get a few of the items that didn't sell and bring them back.  Easy deal right?  Nope.  He somehow lost the envelope with the $128 in it.  Grrr.   We're out of town and he's saying he can't find the money.

So, we come home and a couple days go by.  Meantime, my other son Jake is home for a couple days.  He drives truck.  There's a knock at the door, I'm in another room and he answers the door.

Seems someone is stopping by with a white envelope for Cindy.  Yep, it has $128 in it!

Seems a runner was out and saw the envelop on the street.  How it got to our house, I'm not sure.  I don't know who brought the envelope over.  But we're sure glad they did.

$128.  It's not the lottery by any stretch, but still, it's quite a bit of money.  It had rained, we thought the money was gone for good.  But it wasn't.

Question.  Have you ever had a rather large amount of money returned to you?  Have you ever 'found' a large amount of money and returned it to someone?

Let me know.  I'd love to share 'your' story with our listeners/readers.

We just received a quick story.

It comes from Tisha Navin

My husband and I were going to Sioux Falls for a concert with his sister and her husband. We stopped at a small gas station on the way for a few things. A few miles later i noticed a pickup coming up behind us pretty fast. We got a little nervous when they started flashing there lights at us. They pulled up to the side of us and asked us to pull over. I nervously did and when they stopped next to us they asked if we had left money at the gas station. My sister in law had cashed her check that day and had about $600 in a bank envelope. No id in it. They just happened to be behind her at the counter and noticed she had left it and chased us down. We offered them a "reward" but they refused. Not many people would do that!

Jamie wrote,

This Christmas i found a wallet with 873 dollars in it. I was looking for identification. It had none. It was in the middle of the between the money was a utility bill. I drove to the location, an older gentleman came to the door.. I asked about the wallet and it was his he had lost 3 weeks ago. He offered me the money and I told him no.