Where did we go wrong? I mean by the age of 12 most kids I grew up with could handle a gas can, namely because they were mowing lawns for cash. Two 12-year-olds recently were arrested after a suspicious neighbor called the police when they couldn't get gas from a gas can into a stolen car that they were driving.

A post from Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher on the Live on Patrol Facebook page last week detailed the arrest of the juveniles and declared in jest that gas cans can 'prevent auto theft'.

When two auto thieves, in a stolen car, ran out of gas in the 900 block of Margaret Street today they went to get some gas cans. After struggling with the safety lock on the spout for some time a neighbor called the police. Officers and Deputies responded. After a short foot pursuit, the two twelve-year-olds were arrested. They told the officers, “We didn’t know how to get the gas in.” Thank goodness for CRIME PREVENTION GAS CANS.
It appears that the child lock device held up to two 12-year-olds, as they were unable to dispense the can from the can into the car in a timely fashion before a suspicious neighbor called.
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While it's kinda funny that is what ultimately led to these kids being caught with a stolen vehicle, what isn't funny is that these kids are 12 and taking cars that don't belong to them and driving around.
Hopefully, the owner of the car got it back, and it wasn't damaged, and hopefully, these two kids after this experience will have learned their lesson.

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