• 12

    The sweaters are so hideous you hardly notice the hairless dog or cat things on Santa's lap. What the...?

  • 11

    Your mom and dad have got to be super proud.

  • 10

    This is one of those times I absolutely have no words...

  • 9

    Dude! Seriously???

  • 8

    You know, Grandma Dottie is going to want that sweater back after Christmas.

  • 7

    These finely-woven sweaters go best with a nice corduroy pant, your best pal, and a big bottle of Jim Beam.

  • 6

    And just like that, a collective shudder went up our spines.

  • 5

    Nice doggie, you can come live with me.

  • 4

    "Mom, will you please quit asking me why I'm single again this holiday?"

  • 3

    In the rare chance you still had a 'man-card' left, hand it over.

  • 2

    Oh, please have children.

  • 1

    And finally, a moment of silence for all the sheep who gave their little wool-filled lives for this lovely clan of humans.