We all have our favorite songs, our favorite artists, in fact, our favorite era of music. It could be Classic Rock or pop oldies. Maybe the old pop standards by Sinatra and Crosby. Perhaps jazz. But for the purposes here, it's country. Classic Country if you will.

I didn't really and truly get introduced to country music until the early 1970s. Oh, I was familiar with names like Williams, Owens, Tubb & Robbins. But only in a 'passing' kind of way, and mostly through my Dad. As 'old school' as I am now, well, he was then. And so it was (as I've mentioned often) Kristofferson's debut album and the Willie Nelson album Phases & Stages that really got me into the genre.

I've listed here 10 albums that I think every country music fan should hear. I was going to say 'buy', but with all the technology these days, I suppose going to the store and picking up the album is, uh...old school.

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So basically, find the music from these 10 any way you can and enjoy!

10 Country Albums Every Country Music Fan Should Hear

Now, I know I know. Right now you're saying "Yeah, but what about...". There are dozens of other country artists and albums that could be listed here. From Left to Conway, Buck to Dwight, Loretta to Garth to fill in the blank of a country artist who you love.

But this list is my list. And while it may have left off this legend and that legend, you have to admit, it's not bad.


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