A box of Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only was the type of legends whispered about at recesses across the country.  We knew kids were lying with their stories of how a "cousin" in another state opened a box of Lucky Charms filled with only marshmallows.

General Mills has heard the people and they decided to deliver on ten boxes of mallow only charms.

How can we to get our hands on this magically delicious box? According to General Mills' site here is how we make magic happen:

"Share a photo of yourself holding [an] imaginary box of Lucky Charms on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram between October 14th and 18th using the #Lucky10Sweepstakes.”

This looks like the closest contest we will ever get to Charlie and the Chocolate Factories Golden Ticket.  It does feel a little less exciting with it's social media hoop jumping contesting, but hey its's still bringing the legend of the all marshmallow box into reality.

Watch Biz Markie remix his classic Just a Friend for this contest.




Source: refinery29.com