This morning I was watching ESPN Sportcenter and I had to giggle. It seems that a reporter had been dipping into the brandy or smokin' a little weed before the press conference. Drew Weisholtz posted an article out today that went like this.

Postgame press conferences are pretty standard fare -- ask the winners and losers a couple of questions and call it a day. So, clearly, one thing a reporter absolutely, positively must know is who won.

This reporter at the French Open on Sunday now knows that.

Nicolas Mahut had just lost his opening round match, so a reporter who had no idea prefaced his question by congratulating him.

It's journalism at its worst.

The reason I had to giggle, is it happened to me. Years ago. A friend of mine who I was working with at the time in Winner, SD...we're doing a live broadcast of a wrestling match.

Now the guy I was doing the reports with knew a little about wrestling. I did not.

One of the reports that I did I was talking to a poor kid who lost the match. I do the whole interview with him, obviously not listening to a freakin' thing he said...because at the end, I said he congratulations on a GREAT Win!  He replied, uh, I lost the match.

What I'm saying can happen.  It did to me.

Oh, and my friend brings it up on the phone just about every time we talk.

Yep, it was Baaaaaaaaaaaad.