The North Pole is extremely busy at this time of year.  Santa's elves are making toys and getting the sleigh ready for the big trip that Santa is preparing to take.  But Santa is still anxious to hear what you want for Christmas!

If you haven't been able to see Santa yet this holiday season, but want to make sure that he gets your Christmas list, there are a few ways you can get in touch with him.

Santa would love to get an email from you!  Simply fill out the information of your name and email address, type in your Christmas list and hit send!  Santa will also send back an email message letting you know that he received your wish list.

If emailing Santa isn't quite personal enough, try calling him.  You can reach Santa at 951-262-3062.  Just remember that he is quite busy this time of year, and may not be able to answer the call.  But, you can still get a great Christmas greeting from Santa and leave your Christmas list on his voice mail!

(Parents, please note that Santa's number is going to be a long distance charge.  The area code does go to a number in California...but then it is routed all the way to the North Pole!)

Make sure you get what you want for Christmas this year!  Grab the family, your computer or phone, and have some fun!