Does Sioux Falls have a leprechaun door? This was asked of me this week in casual conversation. Now, I'm not a 'Ghost Hunter' but pour me a pint of Guinness and I'll investigate anything.

After said investigation, I'm proud to announce that yes, Sioux Falls, we have a magical leprechaun door.

It really didn't take much investigating. The door, although it is rather small, is in plain sight. Look no further than McNally's Irish Pub on Western Avenue. I was greeted by Nicki,  who was more than accommodating to take the time and chat a little bit about the leprechaun door that graces the stained glass entryway of the pub.

It's always fun at around 1:00 am when someone asks 'how long has that door been there?' says, Nicki. "It's just a great conversation piece."

Nicki also points out that those who are truly Irish will point out that leprechauns are actually invisible. So wouldn't it stand to reason then,  that the door would open and close on it's own every once in a while?

Well, if you have enough Jameson Irish Whiskey...maybe.

Visit them online to learn more about it's great atmosphere and drinks, promotions, and incredible food.