Maybe I'm getting old. Too damn old. Too damn cynical. But all this rough weather throughout the are kind of gets me thinking. Kind of gets me thinking about what must or what 'might' be going through storm victims minds.

Let me start here. It's Friday afternoon, you just got home from work. You and your wife both work all week long. Hey things might pile up here and there throughout the house. Ok, translation. The place is kind of a mess.

Suddenly the doorbell rings. Not close friends, but 'an acquaintance is at the door.'  Do you stand at the door and make some quick conversation? Maybe you take it out to the driveway if the weather is decent. But you know there might be crumbs on the table or a dish or two in the sink. What are you going to do? Ask em up for a cup of coffee? Maybe a beverage?

I think those are common 'thoughts' that go through peoples minds.

I mean, unless you hire out a cleaner, or spend a heck of a lot more time than I do keeping things tidy and perfect, do you just bring em in?

Ok, let's take things one step further.

A 110 mph wind just blew through and took your roof. Half the crap you own is spread around your yard. Your personal stuff, you know the stuff you keep in boxes in the attic and things like that are now on public display.

I'm just going out there and say, that must really suck.

Now, here come the first responders. I'm happy to see those people.  They're the neighbors  you know will help you pick up. They're the firemen and other first responders to make sure everyone's OK.

Then, there's the 'if it bleeds it leads crew,' coming down the road next. The people with the cameras. The people with the microphones. The people with Page View Quotas and corporate honchos demanding 'digital traffic' right on down to the person half way across town who 'has' to put everything up on their Facebook or Twitter page.

These same people, who you might not have even got up off the recliner for, even though the dog was barking 'holy hell' at the front door to let you know someone was there, are now coming by with HD Video, High Def cameras and it's fair freaking game as far as they're concerned.

What do you do?  What do you say? Your 'home,' has been destroyed and suddenly your 'problem is their gain.'

I work where we have to write.  I work where we're encouraged to get out and get 'pics,' Hell, if you look back at stories I've wrote about, half of them are 'cashing in' on someones pain or suffering.

If you give permission, or send pics to a media outlet, I GET that. I GET that your OK with it. but wouldn't it be kinda creepy to see all the lookey lews (sp) showing up for a couple 'clicks?'

Just curious. If it's so fun to see. So fun to read about,  I'm wondering what YOU would think, if it was YOUR families stuff strewn about in ruin?

No point made here. I can go either way with it. I'm just saying'. What would you think? How would you feel?

Pic by JD Collins, KIKN-FM/Sprint Sioux Falls