It's a simple question - $40 bucks guys - for a t-shirt. Would you pay it?

I know many of you have been to country concerts that your favorite performers have put on, and I get $40 for a Tim McGraw t-shirt, but for a basic white t-shirt?

According to Nordstrom:

A long, form-fitting undershirt streamlines your look with Tailored Stretch® technology, ensuring that it stays tucked in. The silky, lightweight fabric adds comfort and is cool to the touch.

Part of me says 'no way in the world' would I pay that, but part of me would like to try it on to see what the appeal is. Hey, there has to be something there if they are going to ask $40 bucks for a plain white t-shirt! (Tommy John Second Skin Crewneck T-shirt)

Share this with your friends. Would you pay that much? I might - after all, I just saw that I could get one for $20 on EBay!