I've always enjoyed a good Ferris Wheel ride. I remember my first ride. With my sister and dad at the South Dakota State Fair. That was quite a few years ago, but I still like a good ride on a good Ferris Wheel.

One of the cooler Ferris Wheels I've seen lately was on Daytona Beach in Florida. They have an awesome one with incredible lights right on the beach as part of a cool amusement park.

Sioux Falls is infatuated with Ferris Wheels too. The new Scheel's is reported to have one 'inside' the building they are working on now.

Today, I see that Las Vegas now has the worlds tallest Ferris Wheel. According to USA Today:

It's already beat its competitors around the world. At about 51 stories high, it's taller than the Singapore Flyer, the Star of Nanchang in China, and the London Eye, which until this week made up the triumvirate of tallest observation wheels. The High Roller can fit up to 1,120 people.

"It's really an art piece on the Las Vegas skyline, from the dynamic lighting sequences to the overall engineering and architecture that it adds to the skyline," says Jon Gray, vice president and general manager of The LINQ, the open-air dining, retail and entertainment district where the High Roller is located. "It's a new icon that everyone, locals and tourists alike, have embraced. We've really enhanced the Las Vegas skyline."


There you have it. Vegas now has the world's largest Ferris Wheel. I guess now we have good reason to book a cheap flight out and check it out!