I knew I was in trouble when the chocolate drawer in my office was almost empty and the temperature hadn't yet risen to 20 degrees.

I don't  like to manipulate Mother Nature but something had to be done! I found my answer in the greenhouse at Landscape Garden Centers in a container of Spring bulbs. When I placed them on my windowsill, they were just sprouting, giving me hope of colors other than grey, brown and, white. Within three days I had buds and in the following week they opened.

Debbie Graham/Results Radio

They've given me a taste of Spring without endangering my waistline. Next year I'll try it myself by following the directions on this website.

Although replanting isn't suggested, as they may not bloom for several years, I'll try it. The bulbs first need to wither and turn yellow. Then I'll store them in the garage. Later this fall, if the bulbs look and feel healthy, I'll put them in the ground and water them thoroughly.