People have seen police officers in their cars, riding motorcycles or horses, and even on bicycles.  But this police officer from Wisconsin decided to try something just a little different, which is why people from all over are calling him the world's coolest, and possibly only, skateboarding police officer.

Officer Joel Zwicky has been with the Green Bay Police Force for 10 years.  After being told several times to "do what you love", the 40-year-old Zwicky did just that.  He took his love of his profession and mixed it with his love of skateboarding, and that's how the idea of the "Skateboard Cop" came to be.

Zwicky loves spending time on the specially designed police board that comes with it's own flashing lights, wider trucks, bigger wheels and an official police seal on the bottom of the board.

The Skateboard Cop is working to break the stereotypes of skateboarders and says that by being able to get out of his patrol car more often, he is able to connect with people.

Zwicky encourages people to check out his website.