When I was a little kid I really looked forward to birthdays.  Today...not so much.  Since I have an April birthday I would often celebrate my birthday in elementary school with my classmates.

Birthdays are a big deal. Walk into any grade school today and chances are you will hear a birthday song playing in some classroom.

For some reason it has become a tradition here in the U-S-of-A that if you are a kid with a birthday it is expected that you will be prepared to bring forth some sort of treat to bestow on everyone else who, by the way, are not having a birthday.  It's un-American!

It's kind of like getting a hole-in-one in golf.  For some reason you have to buy everyone else drinks.  I'm not sure who started either one of these backward celebratory practices.

I thought somewhere back in caveman time that as a society we agreed that the wheel is good, wooly mammoth tastes good with a sprinkle of saffron, and everyone should buy YOU stuff on YOUR birthday?

Some schools are banning this "Food Extortion".  But if we are going to accept it as the law-of-the-land, why doesn't this extend to our workplace?  One of our office goddesses, Beth Saulsberry, is having a birthday.  How come she doesn't have to bring a cake, or treats, or a dish-to-pass?

I asked Beth & Patty Dee about what they remembered about their grade school treat obligations and celebrations.  Apparently in Kansas sandwiches were among the preferred birthday treats.  What did you do as a kid celebrating a birthday?  What do your kids do?

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