It just hit me this morning.  Coffee in my life has quite a history.

My first recollection of coffee, was in some fancy china cups that my mom used to break out for special occasions.  Christmas, Thanksgiving and Club.(Fancy word for Bridge)

I remember 'adults' drinking coffee and most of all I remember the grounds in the bottom of the cup. Coffee drinking and preparation was different back then.

I also remember a vast array of coffee pots.  You have to admit, some of them were pretty cool. I especially like the retro models where you could see the water boiling and the coffee peculating in the top of the pot.  Oh, and the smell. Heaven!

When I was a kid, I couldn't understand how something that could smell so good could taste so bad.  Obviously that has changed.

But all this coffee talk got me wondering. What happened to instant coffee?  Really, what happened? Oh sure, Starbucks has Via in their fancy little packs.  All you do is add hot water and you get a cup of coffee, so I guess it's still around. Still, when I was growing up it was different.

I remember a white pot that sat on the stove 'all the time.'  Mom and Dad would fill it with water wait for it to boil.  Then it was a small spoon of Taster's Choice and boom!  Coffee.

Pic by Sprint Sioux Falls

I also remember that 'what the heck' looks that neighbors and Grandpa and Grandma gave it when they were first indoctrinated and 'offered a cup' of the convenient coffee.  That look wasn't always favorable, but my folks held their 'ground,' no pun intended and they would drink it.  I even remember a small container of decaf for the caffeine intolerant.

This morning I hit brew of the Keurig I bought for my wife last Christmas.  Pretty much a perfect cup, anytime you want. But somehow, something is missing.

I kind of miss the 'waiting for the water to boil.'  I kind of miss the grounds in the top of that metal or aluminum ground holder, and I really miss that coffee bubbling in the top of the coffee pot.

Pic by Sprint Sioux Falls

As you can tell, I do like the way coffee tastes now days.  I'm working on my second cup right now.  Keurig, second to the biggest cup setting. My favorite is Eight O'CLOCK ORIGINAL.

They call it Medium Roast Coffee.  I just call it 2013 convenient and good.

Next time, campfires and eggshells.